Fundy Circuit GPS tracks

The Fundy Circuit is a 3 day hiking trip in Fundy's National Park wilderness. A map is available online. Plenty of rivers and brooks are along the way making water access very easy.

The first day is 17 km from headquarters to the Foster Brook back country camping ground with a total ascent of 660 meters. The coastal littoral trail provides you with a nice view of the Bay of Fundy and its refreshing air. A small section of the trail is next to the asphalt road up to Foster Brook campground. You will also cross a wooden covered bridge. From there you can choose to go to the beach to take a break. From Point Wolf you start on the Marven Lake trail up to the intersection with Foster Brook trail. At the intersection you will have to choose if you want to bring firewood to the camp ground. You will have to carry it on the last ~2 km which includes the first river crossing. The Foster Brook back country campground is one of the nicest of Fundy Park.

On day two, you walk back the small section of Foster Brook trail to Marven Lake trail. In front of you is another 17 km with 600 m of elevation. Before arriving to Marven Lake you will continue on the Bennett Brook trail. A good spot to lunch is right after the river crossing. This section is very steep downhill and uphill afterwards. Once you complete the Bennett Brook trail you will walk a bit on a paved road to get to Lac Bennett where you can expect plenty of people canoeing and swimming. This is also a good place to relax before doing the last stretch up to Tracey Lake. If you have the option choose Lake Bruin campground over the Tracey Lake campground; it is a bit nicer.

Day three is a 19 km hike with only 250 m of ascension. After the two previous days, it is easier except for the many river crossings. You will complete the Tracey Lake trail up to Laverty road. This part of the trail can be a bit swampy. You will have to walk on Laverty road up to the parking spot where you will find The Forks trail head. For one of the river crossings, you will have to hop on a few big rocks with the help of a cable as seen in the picture below. From there you go down south on the Upper Salmon River trail until you arrive back at headquarters. In some places the trail is not very obvious to follow. The last river crossing is the largest of the course. A cable cross the river to help you keep your balance.

You can download the GPS information (in GPX file format) for day one, two and three.
Have fun :-)

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